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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sprint's Customer Service is terrible.

Oh man, let me give you some back story.

So, ever since the Samsung Moment
was first leaked on the German site of Samsung back in October, I've been wanting this phone. I memorized all the specs, I've watched all the videos, I was so ready for this phone.

I talked to about 4 sprint people to confirm that I had my two year eligibility coming up. They all said yes. I was so ready.

Went into the Sprint store this morning. Walked up to the counter. Told the guy what I wanted.

Suddenly, I'm only eligible for a one year upgrade...

Needless to say much yelling happened as the guy I was buying from had told me two days ago that I was eligible for my two year upgrade.

So I called Sprint. (*2 on a Sprint phone) After getting hung up on three times, I finally got a hold of some nice lady who told me that I was indeedeligible for the two year upgrade and that I could buy it over the phone and they would rush ship it to me.

Alright! So she had to go get her supervisor to approve everything... And the call drops.

Please note for that as long as I have been with Sprint (since 1998) I've had maybe 1 or 2 dropped calls.

So I call back. Go through all the rigmarole (still staying pretty calm) and get another lady who tells me the same thing. Awesome, so again she goes to get her supervisor to approve everything and... you guessed it. The call drops.

So now I'm pissed. 5 drop calls and still no Samsung Moment.

Call again and get an American (finally!) who I told that she better not put me on hold (that's when all my calls were getting dropped). Again, goes to get her manager and comes back to tell me that I have to wait until my next billing cycle to be eligible...


No one knows what they're doing over there... If their plans weren't so cheap and their coverage so good I would leave them so fast...


  1. I work for Sprint however Im only a sales rep in a store and I agree 100% that CS sucks! We have to call them sometimes too. I was on the phone with them for 4 hours one day trying to get my own personal brand new Blackberry serviced. The best thing to do if you have Sprint is to find a store that you like with people that you enjoy.

  2. I agree. My local Sprint store has fantastic sales reps!