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Monday, December 7, 2009 A great place to look for jobs.

I discovered this website today at work actually. :D

I'm not really looking for a job, but another website that I was visiting used it as a source so I went to check it out.

It's really nice, it's pretty much a search engine for some major job listings.

I actually really enjoy my job so I'm not really in the market, but a quick search for "Linux" and my area code brought up around 70 listings! Quite impressive I would say. Of course, they all seemed to require ridiculous amount of experience for relatively simple jobs (I really doubt you need 7-9 years of experience to be a Linux Systems Administrator) but it's a start!

So I'd suggest giving it a try and see what you come up with. Let me know if it helps you find anything!

*Just as a note, I'm not endorsed by nor do I imply that it guarantees you a job.

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