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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your ISP could be Google!

Finally, my favorite company is going to step up the internet game.

Everyone seems to always complain about their ISP and for good reason. I've had three in my life:

AOL (Now part of Time Warner Cable)
Time Warner Cable

The last two are who I want to talk about. Comcast's service was pretty good actually. I can't remember having downtime that last very long (except due to winter storms) and their customer support was... meh.

However, recently they started a 250 GB limit per household and that has a lot of people pissed off and for good reason. Prices go up, speed goes down, and now a download limit...

Now Time Warner Cable... Where to begin? They're service is very flaky, customer support personal are rude and unintelligent. They're sales people are commissioned based and therefore are really pushy. I'm also supposed to get about 12 Mb/s down but the reality is closer to 7. That's almost half! But, even though they're a terrible company, what can you do?

At this moment nothing. DSL is the only other option and the speeds are even slower... But there is some light at the end of the tunnel! Google is promising 1Gb/s connections. Yeah, you didn't read that wrong. ONE GIGABIT PER SECOND. That's freaking awesome. Even if they only get a fourth of that to my house, my current network couldn't handle it. I'd finally have to switch to a N router and a gigabit switch.

Oh man! One can only dream that they'd bring to my area. :3 I've already signed up Hamilton, Ohio but I encourage you to sign your community up here

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