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Friday, January 22, 2010

An open letter to

While I do realize that Silverlight
/Moonlight is supported under Linux I beg that cbtnuggets understand the issues with this method.

While may not care about how the Open Source community feels about Microsoft and Novell, you should care about the very important terms in the “covenant” Microsoft extended for Moonlight.

Quoted from

““Term” means the period commencing on the Effective Date and continuing through December 31, 2012, unless terminated earlier pursuant to the Agreement.”

This mean that after that date, or maybe even before, it is possible that Microsoft will not extend the rights to Moonlight to be used on Linux.

Not only that, but he Media Packs are only covered if you get Novell-Provided Copies of Moonlight. If you know how Linux distributions work, 95% of software is downloaded through package managers. The binaries would not be offered through Novell.

I know that there was probably a lot of time and money spent on this project of porting it over to Silverlight/Moonlight player and I wish I could have caught you earlier, but I can almost guarantee you that it will save you time, money, future headaches, and your users potentially getting sued if you switch away from it.

Finally, I would think you would be worried about the security risks involved with Silverlight/Moonlight. I got my Security+ certification by using your videos so I know that someone there understands.

There are so many ways of doing this that do not involve all the risks you are taking and I beg of you to at least consider it.

This is an email I recently sent to

They responded to my first email pretty quickly and I'm hoping they do the same for this one as well. I doubt my concerns will be taken seriously, but I truly hope it does.

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