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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mechanical Penguin: Cost analysis

Luckily, we already had the software needed for this project (or in my case, I was able to download Visual Studio 2010 from Dreamspark since I'm in college), but I was beginning to think of what it would have cost if we didn't.

Visual Studio 2010 Professional - $549
Auto Desk Maya-$3495 

Those two together already cost more than my car did. Thank God for being a student.

Previous Total: $25
Add food ~$25
Totally cost so far. ~$50

Hypothetical Cost: $4100 + ~30 combined man hours.


  1. Yeah? We probably spent about 15 hours working on it... and there are two of us...

  2. that's something I definitely have to try!

  3. I love the savings on software one gets in college