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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mechanical Penguin: A beginning

Titled: Steampunk Penguin
This picture is Copyright of Morgan Pinkston and does not fall under the CC license of this blog. Please contact him at iki_mono (at) hot mail dot com for usage rights.
Since playing my first video game, which I seemed to remember being Boogerman, I've always wanted to create my own game. It's what drove me to get into programming and computers. I've never really had an opportunity seeing as I'm not that good of a programmer and I never had anyone willing to do it with me.

Well, I decided that I've been waiting to long and I need to just grab this by the horns and fight. I'm getting together with one of my art buddies, he recently graduated from Full Sail, and we plan on hitting this head on.

First on our list to to do a mod. I think we've decided to do a mod with the source engine and hopefully utilize Left 4 Dead 2 as the base. I'm not so sure this is possible but we're going to try. I'm going to keep our ideas under wrap for the time being, but we should begin work on Wednesday.

Oh, we calling ourselves "Mechanical Penguin" maybe. The picture up top is an old design I asked him for a mousepad I was ordering. I'm also going to keep track of our expenses just for fun. Neither one of us plan on getting "paid" as we're going to use this mod as a platform for us, but I think it might be fun to see what the actual cost of making an indie mod is.

Total cost of the project so far: $25
This purchase included a Big Dry-Erase Board
, markers, and a binder.

For the Emperor... Penguin.


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