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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OCNix Alpha Released

Check out for the full story.

Semi-recently, I released the alpha build of OCNix. You should check it out! :D

Here's the news story I wrote up.

OCNix: The Alpha is now available for download!

What is OCNix (OverClock.Net + lInuX) you ask? Let's get the rundown.

Born from the ashes of a dead project (we'd like to stop and thank Biatchi and version2 for being our forefathers) OCNix has been given a complete over haul.

OCNix is a Linux distribution (heavily) based on Arch Linux.It is designed to be a liveCD that you can benchmark/stress-test your machine with. Designed with the impatient overclocker in mind, OCNix's goal is to be easy to use, full of useful tools, fast, use little resources (for power for your benchmarks!) and to promote the use of Linux to computer enthusiasts.

--So what's included in this release?
I'll try not to get to technical.

You'll get:
Openbox (a light weight Window Manager)
Firefox (ArchLinux's optimized version)
Phoronix's Test Suite
Yaourt (a pacman wrapper to include AUR)
For a full list of software, please visit our forum at

--So what can I expect out of this Alpha?
More or less, a functioning product. With this release we are asking that you test our software, and give us a report on:
What works
What does not
Things that could be improved
Software suggestions

We ask that you submit bugs to

However, all other requests and opinions should be directed to where you may make a new thread or add to one already created!

--Wow! What can't this OCNix do?!
Well, let's not get to ahead of ourselves. We haven't included video or wireless drivers so benching video cards and wireless network tests aren't possible. They should be included in the beta release however.

--Is there anything else I should know about?
You will see some half included features. For instances, conky (the thing at the top of the screen) isn't very well designed and will not work on most systems. While we are aware of some of these, please create a bug ticket for anything you deem half-finished.

--So how can I get it?
For the Alpha, we're going to start out doing torrent releases only. You can download the torrent files from sourceforge here.
Alternatively, if you're running ArchLinux already, and want to build from the SVN you can follow our wiki page which will walk you through it.

--Is there anyway I can help?
Of course! We're always looking for help! Everything from Artists, Musicians, Testers, Developers, Programmers, and Public Relation positions are open and waiting to be filled! All you need to do is make a post over at or PM on of the leaders (xtascox, GodofGrunts) or our sectary (FoC400). We'd prefer if you made a post though.

Not sure if you can do any of those? One of the best ways you can help is simply by seeding our torrents! Well, that's all for now! Get to it!

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