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Friday, May 7, 2010


I currently am working on a new project with some friends over at

We're are creating a Linux Distro (based off of Arch Linux) designed for overclockers and benchmarkers. Our progress can be on our progress thread and you're more than welcome to jump into our IRC. We're on freenode under #ocnix.

Here is my description of OCNix:

OCNix is a Linux [distribution] aimed at computer enthusiasts who want to be able to stress test and benchmark their hardware without taking the time to install a full operating system.

What that means is that it will be a live CD with an option to install. Right now we're working on getting a kernel figured out (we'd like to have the zen kernel patches with BFS instead of CFS)

We got it mostly work, but we're still having issues with it. After the kernel gets fixed we'll have what I would call our pre-alpha. You're more than welcome to try it out yourself.

svn co ocnix

This should be considered a testing release, and we are not responsible for any mishaps they may happen. It's a live CD so you should be fine, but no guarantees.

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